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$ 159.99


$ 159.99
  • Mobile handheld steamer perfect for almost all household surfaces, from cleaning countertops to sanitizing toys, sanitize toys (and much more).

    Sanitize, deodorize, and eliminate up to 99.9% of germs and bacteria without chemicals. Use standard tap water (or distilled water for optimal performance).

    Patented high efficiency boiler produces super-heated steam - super fast. Quickly penetrate grease and caked on grime with no scrubbing.

    Includes a complete steam accessory kit, for cleaning most every area of your home. 

    1% of every item sold is donated to water.org.

  • Easily clean, deodorize, and sanitize your home with nugeni STEAMPAC+ Handheld Steam Cleaner. The innovative cleaning system excels in eliminating dust mites, germs, bacteria, and unwanted viruses without the use of harsh chemicals.

    Large tank capacity provides up to 39 minutes of continuous cleaning. The handheld steamer is perfect for countertops, backsplashes, kitchen appliances, to refresh fabrics, sanitize toys and mattresses, unclog drains, clean grills, sinks, toilets, and beyond.

    The patented high efficiency boiler system delivers super-fast steam while giving you complete control. The adjustable steam output lets you select the proper amount of steam for any cleaning job - from delicate curtains to tough stainless steel – and everything in between. Pressurized steam effortlessly lifts caked on dirt and grime, with no scrubbing.

    Includes a wide range of steam cleaning accessories, including a shoulder strap and unique steam extension hose with rotating handle for the ultimate in convenience and versatility. With the included attachments, you can clean most anything - from fabric to toys, floors to appliances. Let the STEAMPAC+ do the heavy work, even in the dirtiest and hardest to reach places.

    Save time, money, energy, and the environment (and your sanity!) with one multitasking cleaning unit that works as hard as you do.