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To: Customers and Creditors of Nugeni From: Nugeni Management Date: As of January 2019 Subject: Status of Nugeni We are writing to you regarding Nugeni, which previously imported and sold upright and handheld steamer and vacuum and related items, until it discontinued all sales in October 2018. After that, and as you may know by now, Nugeni ceased all business operations and recently shut down its website. It has no remaining inventory, nor any other assets. Accordingly, it is virtually impossible that any funds will be available for distribution to dissatisfied customers or unpaid creditors. Moreover, Nugeni no longer has any employees, so there is no person that can respond in any more detail than this. We wish you will in the future. Thank you for your time and attention to this matter. Finally, please understand that this is the one and only communication you will receive in this regard.

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